In a Rut – 0096

We haven’t seen Nigel’s severed hand in a while… annnnd we won’t again till the end of this chapter! 😛 Finished up strip 0099… omg that was a lot of work. 7 panels. Phew! Then onto nuber 0100!!! TRIPLE DIGITS DIGITIZED! Omg I’m excited! For the record, I listened to this on repeat while I… Read more »

Talk to the Hand – 0042

That hand’s still got some magical potency… poor puppers though – sure they’re demon-dogs, let loose upon this world, but I’m sure they’re still good dogs, Brent. To see why it’s still so potent, read the page before :3 Hey! You! Yeah, You! You should read my comic-pal’s webcomic… Lacey makes a good one called… Read more »

Dagger Origins – 0041

Phylactery’s in fantasy settings tend to require great skill and care to create to contain a soul – only problem is you get one shot at it! The good news is, you’ve still made a wickedly powerful magical artifact… Had a lot of fun painting the dagger and doing a slightly differing style for the… Read more »

Loose Ends – 0019

Bonus comic this week – I’m a couple ahead in my backlog 😀 I re-did the background from when Poco and Nigel originally met. I’ll put get it into the original comics eventually – I’m planning on going back and reconciling all the older background with my current background style since I like it so… Read more »