Ruinous Path – 0080

Happy Comic birthday! Over 3 years ago I started building the world and put my first 5 comics up on my main website… then 2 years later I jumped in full boar. So the webcomic birthday falls on the same week as my own birthday (this week :D). Poco is real close to joining the… Read more »

A Lot of PDA – 0044

I don’t think they have annnny sort of concern for PDA – at all. Folks, I have a favor to ask – I need you to go to my comic over on Tapas (I’m mirroring my comic there!) and subscribe (it’s free and easy – you can use your Facebook or google account!) to my… Read more »

Sweetums – 0043

Dawww ^^ – considering how rough my OCs will have it soon, I really do love them :3 There will be good times, there will be rough times… life as it were. Saw lots of new faces (e.g. analytics :P) and just wanted to say “WELCOME!” I hope you enjoy my comic and continue to… Read more »

Destination Waste Spires – 0033

Annnd we meet Felix in a precarious predicament. Poor Felix. Next time we’ll hop to Nigel and see what he’s been up to. Seeya Thursday – I’m ahead enough to post one then too! 🙂

Greenhorn – 0032

Trucking along! I’m a few ahead so, extra one today! Monday will be the second to last of the main cast members for a while. Poco’s brother and Mog remain. I’ll update the character page with pics when I get a chance! I’ll see ya’ll Monday! Thanks for reading ^^

Langa, The Runner – 0031

Langa’s mohawk is one of my favorite things I’ve drawn in forever. It doesn’t seem like much, I’m sure, but it took me hours to get that right, about 2 years ago when I was writing these initially. Also, if you have got to ‘go’ – Langa gives good hugs… I’ve been watching a TON… Read more »